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T4ST is a group of local citizens who have joined together to oppose the $800+ million light rail transit (LRT) proposal for Waterloo Region. We include business owners, professionals and regular taxpayers who are concerned about the high cost, complications and inappropriateness of LRT in our region.


** NEW **

New Petition opposing the LRT

There were three or four petitions that were circulated before Regional Council voted on LRT. Hundreds (thousands?) of names were collected and delivered by hand to representatives of the provincial government and region. This is a new petition that was created in early 2013.

Top Reads

  • Letters to the editor against LRT are posted here: Local Feedback
  • Articles from local papers are reprinted here: Media

Articles about Waterloo LRT

Still looking for more info? This site has dozens more articles. See: Quotes Newspaper articles Letters to the editor Submissions to council

Submissions to Council, May 31 and June 1, 2011

Public opinion surveys about the proposed Waterloo LRT

  • Ipsos Reid poll commissioned by T4ST - the most scientific, unbiased, and fully documented survey.
  • Metroline poll commissioned by The Record - This looks to be an unbiased survey, but it's impossible to judge as they didn't reveal the wording of the questions or the exact survey. Questions could have been slanted; the results could exclude questions that they didn't like the answers to - we just don't know.
  • Angus Reid poll commissioned by an anonymous source - Note that this survey is interesting, but unfortunately it used a skewed sample of pre-selected, paid respondents who are computer-savvy. Also, it biased the results by starting with a question that framed the issue as anti-car/pro-downtown/pro-LRT versus pro-car/pro-suburb/anti-LRT.
  • Communitech survey - a biased survey designed to convince people that tech workers want LRT. This survey is utter junk, as analysis in the link shows.
  • Region's public comment sheets handed out at regional public information forums - this was the most biased "survey" I have ever heard of: it is being used as evidence that people want A, while the only non-A option is described as "not considered feasible".

Info about referendums

Alternatives to trains

Articles about rapid transit outside of Waterloo region

LRTs in other cities

About LRTs

Info from Waterloo Region

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